Christmas 2020 Flower Memorials

Given by :Ellen Wolownik in memory of Paul & Hedy Wolownik, Ed&Dot Carey

Given by : Jeff & Debbie MacNeill in memory of Members of the MacNeill & Wilson Family & Robert F. Jones Given by: Bill & Lois Bolger in memory of Our Loved Ones

Given by: Father Donald & Elizabeth Page in memory of Edmund & Charlotte Dorndeld

Given By: Donna Melle in memory of John Sr. Melle & wife Carmella, John Melle Jr. & wife Roseann

Given by: Edith Danson in memory of William M. Danson Jr. & William M. Danson III Given by: Robin D’Adamo in memory of Robert DeVinney, Vera Madara& Family& Friends who have passed this year

Given By : Virginia Sweeney in Loving memory of Mr. Roy Raisner

Given By : Audrey Knorr in memory of Jack Knorr and Loved Ones

Given By: Linda Trovarelli In memory of Norwood Sharp, Louis DeMarco, Mike Trovarelli

Given By: Pat Mathis In memory of Marge & Vaughn Quin & Loved ones , Also in honor of our children & grandchildren

Given By: Jeffrey W. Benner Sr. in memory of Dot Benner

Given By : Smithouser family In memory of John Knorr, Ann & Earl Smithouser

Given By: Michael & Brooke Connor In memory of Olga & Al Amole, Lois & Rodney Connor

Given By: Barbara Keowen In memory of Randy Keowen & Loved Ones

Given By: Stephan & Cherry Biacan in thanksgiving for family & friends. In memory of Jonathan Biacan , Barbara Santos, Michael Maita, Clara Biacan

Given By: Dennis Huey in memory of Mr.&Mrs. Guy L. Huey, Kara S. Huey

Given By: Cecelia Khoury in memory of The Khoury family & The Fleming Family 

Given By : S. Scelso in memory of Eleanor & Charles Gardner, Alice & Sam Scelso, Parker A. Ortman .
In Thanksgiving for Alicia,Kristing,Katie,Jeff,Mike,Mckenzie,Gabby,Sammy& Emmie & each other

Given By: Carolyn M. LaMountain in memory of Louis Pete LaMountain, Robert & Frances Miller

Given By: Barbara Blackman in memory of Bob&Frances Blackman, Pete&Pauline Carter, John&Bessie Carter, Earl&Marion Blackman

Given By: Anne R. Lockhart in memory of Herb Lockhart Jr. , Janet Lockhart Scuger, Roy & Dorothy Russell

Given By: Charles & Linda Gemmel in memory of Klein & Gemmel Families Given By: Emmy Todd in memory of My Husband, Roy Todd