“Continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship” (from our Baptismal Covenant)

Capital Campaign

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, a time when we thank God for the many gifts he has bestowed upon us during the year. In giving thanks the Capital Campaign Committee would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the many generous donors that have supported the Capital Campaign. To date we have raised just over $137,000 for much needed capital improvements and to establish an endowment for future needs of the church. This week an appeal will go out ...to the those members of the parish who have not yet made a gift or pledge to the campaign. Please help us wrap up the campaign and get us to $150,000! Every gift counts and will help ensure that Christ Church continues to flourish now and long into the future!

Thank you again,

Jennifer Martucci
Capital Campaign Chair

Give thanks with a grateful heart and consider making a donation or pledge of support to the Capital Campaign.



If you are interested in learning the latest regarding the Capital Campaign, click on the following link to access a detailed report from our Chair, Jennifer Martucci.



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After completing the Feasibility Phase for the Capital Campaign, the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) informed Christ Church that responses from our parish family to the survey, indicate a unanimous level of support (100%) for conducting a capital campaign. ECF recommends that Christ Church move forward with a capital campaign, due to the high amount of support, availability of volunteers to work on the campaign, and the willingness of respondents to contribute financially to it. The findings from the Feasiblity Survey were provided by ECF and are available for the parish to review (see link below). 




In 1961, a small group of Episcopalians petitioned the Rt. Rev. Alfred L. Banyard to allow the establishment of a mission of the Diocese in Linwood or Somers Point. The group began to fulfill the canonical requirements by searching for a suitable property.

The property acquired was an old Tudor-style mansion on Shore Rd in Somers Point, which had been vacant and needed a tremendous amount of work. Christ Church became a "house church" with a Vicar appointed by the Bishop, the Rev. Adolph W. Kahl, living in an apartment on the second floor. The first service was held on Christmas Eve, 1961. Under the leadership of Rev. Kahl and his wife Marjorie, the church soon outgrew it's worship space.  In 1965 an addition on the north side of the mansion was completed. This addition was built with plans to convert it to a parish hall when a church building on the south side was constructed in 1976. The mission became a parish in 1971.

In 1978, Canon Kahl retired. He died in July of 1990 and was interred in a vault in the Chapel, which has been dedicated to his memory. In March, 1980, the Rev. Roger Hamilton was called to Christ Church and served until 1999. Rev. Stephen Beatty was called and appointed by Bishop George Councell, in 2000. Rev. Beatty served as rector until January, 2008.

In November 2010, Fr. Justin Falciani came to Christ Church to serve as our rector. He was appointed by Bishop George Councell and serves Christ Church to this day. Under Fr. Justin's leadership Christ Church has grown not only in family size but also in outreach. As Christ Church moves ahead in the 21st Century, we see many opportunities tomove forward as a parish to do "What God is Calling Us to Do!"


In the fall of 2014, we met with the vestry to discuss the need for a Capital Campaign to raise money for the repairs to the parish house and hall as well as the desire to establish an endowment for future needs and repairs. We partnered with the Episcopal Church Foundation and a committee was formed.

In the spring of 2015, we officially kickedoff the Discernment Phase. As part of the Discernment process for a proposed Capital Campaign, we solicited ideas from the congregation and ministries of Christ Church through a series of small group meetings and one large parish meeting. We carefully listened to these suggestions and have incorporated them into the following proposed capital projects. These are only estimates and are subject to change once formal project bids are solicited, in response to the congregation’s expressed support.

Momentum is building for what promises to be an exciting time for Christ Church. By being good stewards and giving current and future parishioners a renewed place of fellowship they can be proud of, we will be able to focus on the true mission of this unique place of worship.

Your response to this Feasibility Study portion of the proposed Capital Campaign process will tell us how well we have listened and will be crucial to determining priorities and ascertaining the level of support our congregation holds for the proposed projects. Please take the time to thoughtfully and prayerfully respond.


Maintenance Reserve Fund (Endowment for the Future)


We need to help future generations avoid the challenges we have encountered, and be good stewards of our property investments, without threatening the ability of Christ Church to support important ministries. The capital campaign could include establishing a means to handle future challenges that arise. A"rainy day" reserve fund, which would be augmented regularly in the church budget, would go a long way toward preventing the need for the major capital expenditures we are now facing and help us to be good stewards of our investments. Current plans for this fund would be for replacement of the roof, which has approximately twenty years left.

Parish House


The Parish House is an integral part of our property. We enjoy fellowship events, Christian education, ministry events, choir rehearsals, and a large variety of other parish and community events there. It has served us well, but the space is in need of renovation as it has become tired-looking and worn out with heavy use. Proposed renovations for the sake of both appearance and function include the following: parish living room, new kitchen cabinets and countertops, controlled HVAC by zones, and the choir room. These renovations as well as the remodeling of the rooms that are currently not being used will allow for us to better utilize our space for mission and ministry.

Technology Improvements


The world has moved a long way in technology since Christ Church was founded. The PA system is far from perfect. An upgrade would make the spoken word clearer and the music lovelier. The world has also moved a long way in communication. An electronic sign would enable us to communicate with the community in real time. Updates to our website would enable it to be easier to work with and navigate. In times of rising energy costs, we would like to explore the use of solar energy so that we can be more eco-friendly as well as cost-efficient. There is also a need for some upgrades to our computers and Wi-Fi that would enable Christ Church to keep up with the changes in technology.


Fr. Justin Falciani, Rector

Fr. Don Page, Retired Priest in Residence

Steering Team:

Jennifer Martucci, Chair

Jozsef De Kovacs

Joseph Molineaux

Charlotte Murdoch

Patti Stocker

Charles Stuart

Liz Stuart

Ed Zipf

Terri Zipf

Gifts Essential Chart

Size of Gift   Number Needed   Cumulative Total  

Monthly (over 3 years)

$20,000   1   $20,000   $556
$10,000   2   $40,000   $278
$5,000   3   $55,000   $139
$3,000   6   $73,000   $83
$1,000   15   $88,000   $28
$500   20   $98,000   $14
Less than $500   Many   Goal Achieved   Variable

From the Capital Campaign Committee,

Dear Parishioners,

We have successfully completed the first phase of our capital campaign discernment. Over the past 10 months we have listened to your stories, thoughts, dreams, and goals that help form the vision of Christ Church's future. Your feedback has been reviewed and formulated in a report that will greatly help the committee in our subsequent phases for the campaign.

On Sunday, November 29, the committee will present a report of your feedback after the 10am Mass in the parish living room. We encourage you to attend because all our participation is necessary for the vitality of our parish and its mission now and for future generations.


Jennifer Martucci
Discernment Chair


Dear Fellow Parishioners:
The Discernment Phase for the Capital Campaign has come to a close. We have compiled all the feedback and shared it with the vestry and the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) who have been advising us throughout the entire process. We received a lot of useful information including a list of projects to be considered for the campaign, as well as what the parish considers as our strengths and areas in need of improvement. Once we hear back from ECF we will be sharing it parish-wide. We want to be as transparent as possible and involve as many people throughout the campaign in order to ensure its success.
What comes next? The plans for the final list of projects will be reviewed and ranked by the parishioners during the Feasibility Study, which is the next phase of the Capital Campaign. The Feasibility Study will take place this fall. We will keep you updated as we progress and pray that you will continue to be involved so we can address the present needs and secure the future of Christ Church.
I want to personally thank the Capital Campaign Committee for all their hard work and dedication to help us successfully complete Discernment and answer the question "What is God calling us to do here at Christ Church?" The committee members consist of Fr. Don, Patti Stocker, Ed and Terri Zipf, Charles and Liz Stuart, Jozsef de Kovacs, Charlotte Murdoch and Joseph Molineaux. Thanks to Nick Sollog, ECF consultant, for your guidance. And of course a big thank you to all the parishioners who attended a meeting to review and discuss the list of projects anticipated for the Capital Campaign and completed feedback forms. The information you provided is crucial and will lay the groundwork for the next phase.
Thank you,
Jennifer Martucci
Discernment Chair


What is God calling us to do? 

Following God's call requires vision and a plan to get you there.   

We are concluding the Discernment Phase for the Capital Campaign and we need to hear from you!  If you haven't already participated in one of the small group meetings offered this spring, we invite you to attend one of the large parish meetings being offered the last weekend in July. Immediately following services on Saturday, July 25 and Sunday July 26, we will hold a large group meeting in the church. Myself and others members of the Discernment Committee will give a quick overview on the plans for the capital campaign and answer any questions.  We anticipate it will only take 15-20 minutes and then we will ask for the parish to complete a short feedback form.  Please make every effort to participate to help us plan for the future of Christ Church!  Afterwards refreshments will be served in the parish house and tours will be offered if anyone would like to see some of the damage that we are seeking to raise the money for.  Also, anyone who stays for the Discernment meeting in the church, and completes a feedback form or who has attended a previous small group meeting for Discernment, will be entered into a drawing to win a tote bag full of summer items and goodies! 
Thank you,
Jennifer Martucci
Discernment Chair


  The Discernment Process seeks to identify our needs, involve others in the prayerful consideration of those needs and communicate a collective vision for Christ Church.  This phase provides the solid foundation on which to build a successful Capital Campaign.

                       Small Group Meetings:

  Sunday, April 12, 2015,  11:30 am,  Parish House

  Thursday, April 16, 2015,  7:00 pm,  Parish House Living Room

  Sunday, April 26, 2015, 11:30 am, Parish House

  Thursday, May 7, 2015, 11:00 am, Parish House Living Room.

  Wednesday, May 13, 2015, at 7 p.m., Parish House Living Room.

  Saturday, August 8, 2015 after 5:30 pm Service in the Church

  Sunday, August 9, 2015 after the 8:00 & 10:00 am Services in the Church

  Thursday, August 13, 2015 2:00 pm at Brandywine Asst. Living with Helen.


 Meet the Committee:

Pictured here with Fr. Justin and Nick Sollog, ECF Consultant, are the Committee comprised of :             

Joe Molineaux, Liz Stuart, Fr. Don, Ed Zipf, Terri Zipf, Jen Martucci and Patti Stocker. 

Not pictured are Charles Stuart and Charlotte Murdoch. 


The first small group meeting was held on Sunday, April 12, after Mass.  Great conversation was had and ideas were exchanged by all.  We encourage all to attend one of the upcoming meetings to share your thoughts.


Another successful small group meeting sharing ideas and hopes for the future. 


 We appreciate all those who took the time to attend our third small group meeting.

We want to hear from everyone so be sure to set aside time to come to one meeting.

Thank you to Nora for taking the time to attend today's small group meeting for Discernment. 



                             Coming together to share our thoughts.

Great participation to wrap up our Discernment Phase of the Capital Campaign.

Thank you all for taking the time to share with us. 


Andrew draws the winning name for the prize from the Small Group Meetings! 

Rachel reads the name of the winner!

And the winner is! Yes, it's you Pat!  Congratulations!